Shine On

(2014)  Dwight & Nicole love all kinds of music, which is evident on their new, aptly titled CD, “Shine On,” an inspiring mashup of folk, blues, pop, jazz, gospel and reggae styles.


(2010)  Debut album from Dwight & Nicole that offers a breath of gritty, soulful and rollicking fresh air. Sublime vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and a searing band float these two toward the promised land; taking us along for the ride.


(2004)  The 2nd full-length album from Dwight Ritcher.  With unmistakable traces of James Brown and Tyrone Davis, Dwight effectively integrates hard funk and sweet R&B into these originals, finding that elusive feel that is at the center of soul music.

Drive Around Town

(2002)  Debut album from the Dwight Ritcher Band that delivers an old-school rhythm and blues with heart; deep vocals, and a fantastic band that is sure to make this one of your favorites.

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