(2010)  Debut album from Dwight & Nicole that offers a breath of gritty, soulful and rollicking fresh air. Sublime vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and a searing band float these two toward the promised land; taking us along for the ride.

NOTE: The Vinyl + MP3 option comes with a download card inside the sleeve, as opposed to being able to download immediately from the store. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.

01. Cry, Cry 04:04
  02. Hell Burns Over You 05:00
03. Wish I Only Knew 03:09
  04. Avenue B 04:46
  05. Caribbean Song 04:15
  06. Overblown 04:24
07. Johnny Gets High 03:19
  08. Rambling 02:11
09. Round in Love 03:42
  10. Find What You're Looking For 04:01
  11. Do Whatever You Like 03:45
  12. Take Me Home Again 03:55

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